Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunflower Seeds

Here is the volenteer sunflower that popped up in my tomato patch. It started off small and pretty with lots of pollen
(May 19th)

Then it got bigger and heavier

You can see the seeds forming (May 21st)

Then it got go heavy the stem could not support the head and it tipped over (June 1)
A few seeds have already been picked out, not sure if it was a bird or a kid...

My research shows that sunflower seeds are ready when the center of the flowers turn brown or the back of the head yellows.
Yes, on both accounts for this flower. Since something had already discovered the seeds, I cut the flower and it is now hanging in the house to dry. I tried one of the seeds and it tasted flavorful and moist. The seed itself was large and plump, on the same size scale as what is purchaced at the store. The sunflower seeds I am used to are roasted and salted, obviously, this was nothing like that, but it had a nice flavor.

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