Monday, June 22, 2009

Potato Patch reborn

This weekend I cleaned out what was left in the potato section of the bed. When originally planted, this section held 6 rows of potatoes, 5 rows of onions and 1 row of scallions.
See how pretty and orderly it is on April 15th?

The potatoes quickly out grew their rows, tipped over, and kept growing some more. Oh and at some point (April 18th), I decided to stick 5 more tomato plants into the same little area...
April 26th

As if this were not all crowded enough, my composted pumpkin from last year started to sprout in the same area and had set fruit before I was able to tear it out...

Mix in a wild spattering of Jeurasalem artichokes and it made for a section so dense that the onions were completely shaded out. I planted over 150 onions in this section and have only found fewer than 50, most of which are just golf ball sized. The shallots grew a little bit, and I do plan to replant them now that the potatoes are done.

This weekend, I was able to harvest another 4.5 lbs of potatoes, Kennebec White and a few reds that I missed the first time around. I pulled out the stray Jeurasalem artichokes, used clothesline and t-posts to secure the rest of the Jeurasalem artichokes, and loosened and raked the soil. I staked up the spindly tomato plants, re-directed the pumpkin vines (more fruit is setting now), and planted 2 Black Beauty eggplants, 1 store bought sweet potato vine, and 1 home sprouted sweet potato (it started growing in my veggie drawer in the pantry). Curtis also cut up 3 store bought potatoes that had sprouted eyes and I planted those along the back fence. So once again, this bed is over crowded, but I just can't help myself.

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