Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If you want to destroy my sweater...

Pull this thread as I walk away... (Weezer song "Undone")

I had a very nice Alpaca sweater. It was hand carried home from Bolivia by my sister in law after a mission trip. This poor sweater got attacked in the most unfortunate, obvious spot by a single moth and that one hole, right on my chest, was enough to keep me from ever wearing the sweater anymore. Rather than just trash it, I decided to recycle the yarn.

Once I figured out how to get the parts apart, it was a quick and fun process. Hubby even helped, he said it was fun in a bad sort of way "like picking a scab". huh.

I first attacked the seams and un-stitched the thread holding the parts together.

Just the front yielded a nice ball of silver yarn.

I got a little sloppy and cut a few of the decorative bands, only to realize that I could unravel those too. In the end, there was very little waste, just a few yards of yarn that had to be trashed.

I'm not sure what this will be in its new life, but I feel better (and a little bit nuts) about recycling the sweater.

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