Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Daylily History

The daylilies I planted this weekend have quite a history, which I'm plugging in here, because I can think of no better place to track it (well, my paper garden journal too, but copy paste on the computer is so much easier). So from my MIL:

Curtis' great, great, grandpa, Ananias Kauffman, a man educated by the Kansas City School of Business, fell on hard times during the depression and went to work for the WPA, a federal work program that built roads in Missouri. While clearing land for a road one day, he dug up those lillies and instead of trashing them, he threw them in the back of his truck and brought them home to his wife and daughter-in-law, (my grandma). (Ananias' grandpa or great grandpa was Amish.)

They have been transplanted each time a move was made and passed on to the next generation. They are the generic, non-hybrid daylilles that grow wild in that part of the country.

Neat to have a history of the daylilis which now happily reside in North Texas and we'll see how they do in our little yard in Farmers Branch.

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