Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Handmade Holidays Part III--Superhero Masks

On a whim, I made superhero masks for the kids for Christmas gifts. Boy is a big fan of The Incredibles, a super-hero family who all have secret powers and wear masks when saving people. Andrew will act out scenes of the movie as we watch it, very cute.

They are made of felt, and the applique is hand stitched on. The head strap is a piece of black elastic cord that held boy's Christmas boots together at the store.

Girl has hearts on her mask, and she is not too happy about wearing it...

Boy got lighting bolts on his mask, and he loves it.

He kept on wearing it, even at breakfast later.

I made a template of the shape of the mask on folded copy paper (to get a perfect match left to right)

I tested the size and eye hole placement as I went.

I then pinned the template onto a folded piece of black felt and cut carefully along the edges of the template.

Cutting the eyes was the trickiest part, I ended up folding the half mask in half again lenght wise and cutting a slit, then opening the mask up to widen the eye slit.

I cut the applique pieces out of yellow felt, doubled so they would match perfectly and hand stitched around the edges of the applique with yellow sewing thread.

Here is the super hero in fireman boots with McQueen PJ's, how is that for mixing up the idols?

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