Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Plan and Play- New Plants

After a few rounds of Internet searches for edible landscaping, I'm nearing a list of items that I want to try this year in the yard. As much as I love apples (and most other tree fruits), it is just not going to happen in our small city yard because I'd need to plant at least 2 of each for pollination... and we barely have room for 1. So for now, at least, I'm going with a short list of new (and relatively small) edibles.

So my list:

1) Asparagus! This is my big 'duh' item. We love asparagus, it is perennial, it is pretty, it grows great around here, and I've even had it once before in my garden (the crowns were carried home on the back of our Harley and were planted in unworked soil--so its failure was not the fault of the plants). Now, I just need to decide a place where a permanent asparagus bed can go...

2) Blackberries--Rosborough, Brinson, Humble, Arapaho. Not sure where...

3) Strawberries -- Sunrise, Cardinal, Allstar, Chandler

4) Fig-- Texas Everbearing or Celeste

5) Pomegranate

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