Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fall Garden Review-December

Garden and December are two words that don't' really belong in the same sentence, but here we are: December 1st and we have not yet had a freeze, or even a frost in north Texas. I realized in November that I have pepper plants that are older than my daughter! And here is a picture of those beauties now...

Here is another view of the fall (and almost winter) garden. This time from inside the garden.

The arbor is absolutely covered with Hyacinth beans, the bush beans have produced over 10 pounds of beans this fall, the peppers are still going strong, and the fall planted squash has give us about a dozen zucchini, crook neck and banana squash. Other things that have not done as well are the tomatoes, my poor poor fall tomatoes have not produced a single ripe tomato, mostly because the only batch that was about to ripen got trampled by the dog, darn it.

Oops, more cute baby pictures

baby in a bucket, how cute!

More garden friends, an anole on a roll of fencing behind the garage

Here is hubby and the baby showing off how great my hyacinth beans are doing

I also have a bunch of volunteer potatoes and the trial plant I dug had about 5 golf ball sized potatoes on it. My sweet potatoes look great, but I have not tired digging any of them yet. I plan to let them stay in the ground as long as possible before harvesting.

This week it is forecast that we will have our first real freeze, and possibly some freezing precipitation. Nothing like a coating of ice to finish off the garden for the year. As hard as it is to say it, I'm ready! By now, I usually have room for my peas and beet plants, but I can't bear to rip out the summer veggies that are still producing so well.

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