Friday, April 15, 2011

What the Hail?

Spring in Texas usually means unpredictable weather, and true to form, we got that last night...

April 14th, 2011

At about 10:30 I woke up to a big storm and the rain sounded heavier than usual.

Sure enough, it was hail that was pounding down on our roof. The black line through the yard is a full sized 1 inch garden hose.

Most of the hail was marble sized

Some was even golf ball sized (this one had melted a bit, but you can see how big it was).

In just a few minutes it had covered our yard in ice

As soon as the hail stopped (and I made sure our family, critters and house were safe) I rushed out to my garden to survey the damage.

Poor squash, poor tomatoes

my swiss chard looked more like swiss cheese

This morning, April 15th, I woke up to see that there was STILL ice on the ground.

As of 7:30 this morning when I left the house, there was still a solid covering of ice in our yard. Our whole neighborhood looked about the same with shredded leaves covering the ground, limbs down and a mess everywhere. Less than 2 miles away at the kids daycare was a completely different picture, just a nice damp 'after spring shower' glow to the gardens and trees. Sigh.

I'm thankful that it was not worse for us than it was. The storm only lasted about 10 minutes before it blew over, but those 10 minutes were spent with me running helplessly from window to window trying to see what was happening (yes, I know, standing by a glass window with giant icy projectiles hurtled toward it was not a good idea).

In the daylight, my garden looked even worse than the night before

tomatoes were snapped off,

the formerly regal looking mullein was in tatters

oddly, the potatoes looked great... I am keeping up hope that after our sunny and 70 degree day today the rest of plants will perk up and recover nicely.

Or maybe a trip to the garden center is in order

Yep, typical spring in Texas.

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