Monday, April 11, 2011

Mulberry Wine

Last year we picked tons of mulberries from a tree in a neighbors yard. We ate all we could, I made jelly, juice, and syrup, but we still had about 6 pounds of extra berries. I wrote about it here. On a whim, hubby decided to make Mulberry Wine using a recipe from a 1970's cookbook. The 6.75 pounds made about 3 gallons of what we hoped would become wine

After fermenting for 11 months in our dark, cool, master bathroom we finally got brave and tried some... it was delicious!

The wine is sweet, has a taste that is very much mulberry, but also kind of has a hint of watermelon.

It is sweet, which is what I like (I'm more of a wine-cooler than a wine kind of girl).

I should note that we are not really drinkers. Curtis has a beer occasionally, mostly when out camping or grilling out, and I sometimes have a glass of wine before dinner. I used to guess that we maybe had a glass of wine per week, but since we started our own batch, we made sure to save every wine bottle we finished over the past year... the grand total?

Eight measly bottles, so my guess of 'a glass per week' was definitely an overestimation, we did not even drink a bottle of wine per month. A few of the bottles were not even wine that we drink, it was left at our house after a dinner party. We are definitely light weight drinkers.

Hubby carefully siphoned the wine from the carboy (what the big jug is called) and decanted it into the cleaned wine bottles. When we made the first batch of wine last year, we lucked into a deal on craigs list and got some carboys, a corker and a bunch of miscellaneous brewing gear for a great price.


We ended up with eight bottles of wine, plus an extra half a gallon in the fridge, less a few 'test glasses'.

(pardon the fingerprints, they are much easier to see in the photo).

We shared two bottles of wine with some of hubbies friends from work and the rest are for us.

Another big check box for our 'bizarre skills' list. We officially made our own wine, hooray!

I'm thinking of using this photo for the wine bottle label...

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