Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Curly Sue -- err Sandra

Hubby's grandma came to stay with us for a few days at the end of July. Grandma H has the prettiest long hair for a woman of advanced age and it is always fixed so nice. The first night she stayed with us, I saw her trick, she puts her hair up in pin curls each night.

She was more than happy to do my hair on Saturday night too. She started working on my long straight hair, tiny section by tiny section.

I sat on the floor while she worked.

A card and a half of bobby pins (about 200) later...

Look, I'm a pin-up girl! Actually, not at all, this was proof that I should never never get one of those pixie cuts. My head looked funny.

Grandma helped me to spray my pinned up head and then sprinkle a little water on my hair (misting would have been better) and I tied a scarf over my head and went to sleep.




After some coaxing, Grandma was able to style my curly hair. When I first took the pins out, my hair was so curled that it did not touch my shoulders. Considering my hair normally goes down to the middle of my back, it was quite a change.

Three curly headed women.

I wore my hair curled to church on Sunday and got lots of compliments. It was even slightly curly the next day for work, but by then it was mostly just waves, not curl.

What a fun learning experience to see how things used to be (and still are) done. I've owned sets of rollers, curling irons and round brushes in my life, but they have never been as effective as the pin curls.

We've visited Grandma a few times since and she's asked me a few times if I had brought 'my pins' with me so she could do my hair again.

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