Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Summary

Wow, what a cheater post, the last day of August and I'm gonna shove as much stuff into one post as I can. This blog started as my garden record, and my 2010 garden was pretty disappointing. Good thing we have so many other hobbies I can occasionally write about.

Here's a fun one: dead animals. I found yet ANOTHER dead opossum in our yard, this is #3 for the summer.

We suspect that there was at least one more in the tall grass near the bees, because it smelled so bad. I never got close enough to verify. Three (or four) dead opossums in one summer is pretty odd, considering we've never seen a single one in the six years we've lived here (six years, really?). It could be that they are coming in for the dog food, or possibly they are coming for the bees. Who knows.

Here is all that is left of opossum #2

Just a jaw bone.

Opossum #1 was hauled off by the trash man. I was a bad homeowner and just left the other two to nature to deal with.

I saw this weird bee in my garden in August, he was eating something. I got closer and saw he was eating one of our honey bees!

I'll have to do some research to figure out what he is and if he's a threat.

My Jerusalem artichokes bloomed a bit. These poor things have been relocated so many times that they are everywhere in my yard and garden now.

I was surprised to find that my carrots had done great this year, despite being totally neglected.

The largest one was the size of one from the store.

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