Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fresh Fruit + 1 day = Fruit Flies...

With 35 pounds of peaches in the kitchen, we ended up with a cloud of fruit flies that would erupt from the sink every time we walked by. Yuck.

Here is my Aggie-solution-- a recycled fruit fly trap!

I cut the top off of a water bottle and inverted it into the body of the bottle. I put some compost (strawberry caps) at the bottom of the bottle as bait. The trap works like any fish or lobster type trap. The fruit flies can easily go into the opening of the bottle, but are confused when they fly up the sides and cannot get out.

Between this and extreme cleaning for a few days, the fruit fly problem is done. Phew.

One neat item of note is that we have moved so far away from pre-packaged commerical products that it was actually difficult for me to find an empty plastic bottle. I ended up scouting one from the trash-heap that is the back seat of hubby commuter car. The last time I bought a case of water was well over 6 months ago.

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