Sunday, June 13, 2010

Are bees dangerous?

Pardon the tacky attire, but it was 95 degrees in the shade and I was weeding in full sun. Right next to three bee hives... in shorts and a tank top... with roughly 120,000 flying stinging insects about 18 inches from me (we assume about 40k bees per strong hive).

No, bees are really not dangerous, this has been a wonderful thing to learn since we started keeping bees. Bees have moods, and sometimes you don't wanna mess with them, but 99% of the time, they are so peaceful and quite happy to just go about their business.

I would not recommend just walking up to any old hive without gear, but I've learned that our three are very docile. I did not intentionally start weeding practially nekked next to these gals, I was just working my way along the flowerbeds and realized I was in the bee yard.

No, I did not get stung, although, I got bumped a few times when I accidentally threw a dirt clod and smacked a hive. Bees 'bump' by flying into your body, kind of like a tiny airplane accident at chest level, it is their way of politely saying "what the heck are you doing you big dumb human?"

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