Thursday, May 20, 2010

Four Egg Day?!? May 19th

We have three chickens, chickens on average lay an egg every 26 hours... so basically about one per day. So far, we've had a bunch of 2 egg days, a few 3 egg days, but yesterday was a first. We had a FOUR egg day, even though we only have three chickens.

I picked up one egg before work, it is possible that this egg was laid any time between 8pm on May 17th and 8 am on May 18th. I don't think chickens lay eggs at night, but I suppose if the time is right... who knows. Then after work on May 18th, I found THREE eggs in the nest box.

Ignore the giant brown egg in the upper right corner, that is a wooden egg. It is there to remind the girls where to lay, as well as to discourage egg pecking (which we have not had an issue with yet, thankfully).

Here are the eggs with a smashing toddler hand for size comparison

Here they are in my hand after rescuing them from the toddler so you can see the pretty colors, we get a blueish-green, a true white, and a beige-y off white color.

Hooray chickens for your first four egg day.

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