Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bee Removal--Midlothian April 14, 2010

On April 14th hubby and his pal drove to Midlothian for another honeybee removal. This was a much smaller hive and since they were in the soffit of a garage, the comb was almost perfectly sized for the standard size hive box. Hubby n'pal were able to trim the comb slightly and wire it into place on 4 frames from a super. (I'll have to do a post on bee hive components). This was a very small and even tempered hive from his comments. No one got stung.

The guys mentioned that the hive size had been greatly reduced, that they saw tons of disintegrating comb in the eaves of the garage and they brought home several combs that were completely empty except for a tiny bit of colorful pollen in a few cells.

Despite being small, these girls are working hard to expand their numbers, most of the comb was filled with brood of varying ages.

tiny brood

big brood

cutting down the comb to fit the frames

excess burr comb

wiring in the comb

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