Friday, April 30, 2010

Bee Removal--Farmers Branch April 28, 2010

The guys got to enjoy a short drive to get bees on Wednesday night. A man in Farmers Branch, just about a mile from our house, called to say he had a hive of bees in his garage.

Here's hubby, rockin' the shorts and mud boots look.

Like many of the other removals, the bees had found their way into a wall. Unlike the other removals, the bees had built their comb across the width of the wall joist (about 16 inches across) instead of perpendicular to it (about 6 inches wide. This meant some enormous comb sheets.

There was a decent amount of brood in this very dark comb, and the guys were able to secure about 2 frames worth for the bees.

In addition to the cooler full of brood comb, there was also a cooler full of honey.

Since this hive was originally located so close to our house, the guys made the call to keep the hive at our friends house (which would be about 4 miles away from the original hive. Bees can forage from 2 to 2.5 miles away from their hive so it is very possible that had we kept these bees at our home, they would have just wandered back to their old garage... probably not what the homeowner had in mind.

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