Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beans up

Despite not getting any water, the beans I planted on 8/9 are already coming up. I planted a mix of three varieties of bush bean. One is up before the others, from the color of the stem, I"m guessing it is the purple bean.

My fall tomatoes and eggplant have been a real disappointment. Despite daily light watering, the tomatoes are barely growing and look puny. The eggplant has been attacked by something and the leaves have a lacy appearance. Too bad.

The cucumber I planted is totally gone. Something snipped the stem in half, it wilted, then by the next morning the whole plant had been eaten or carried away. Too bad.

The okra and peppers are growing great. They thrive in this heat. Also the Swiss chard looks very good. I may start harvesting again soon.

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