Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Change of Motto

We've struggled to put what we do into words for a while now. We borrowed the motto "Horton Living like no one else" from Dave Ramsey because on the financial side he's a role model for us. But it's not really an all-encompassing description of what it is we strive to accomplish. We've described it to several people as "we're just odd or different". We do a lot of things that could be considered 'green' but we are not 'Greenies' (members of an activist political party focusing on environmental and social issues). We don't believe in man made global warming, but we do hate waste or wastefulness.

We believe in being self reliant (as much as possible), and helping other become self reliant. We belive that taking care of the soil organically is the best way to help the soil grow healthy food that we can eat. We belive that small changes to the way things are done around the house can make a big difference to the efficiency of the house (and it will show up in your wallet). We have been open to anything new that could change the way we live for the better.

We are very goal oriented: we regularly write down our ambitions and strive daily towards those goals. While we are not necessarily good at maintenance, we have acknowledged our shortcomings and work towards setting up 'systems' that help automatically maintain what we have. We are both self professed nerds; we love to learn new things, 'crunch' data, or test a hypothesis.

Conscientiousness defined as a personality trait: acting according to the dictates of one's conscience, self-disciplined, achievement-striving, deliberate (the tendency to think carefully before acting). Of course, we are not always conscientious, but we have set a goal to have "a conscientious approach to life". In short, I think we've found our all-encompassing motto for our lives and for this blog.

"Horton Living a conscientious approach to life"

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