Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fruits, Veggies and Herbs May 2014

For Mother's Day May 10th weekend, I was given the first two of the planned veggie planting beds. They are made of pressure treated lumber and measure 4x12 feet and are 10 inches deep. Curtis build them with a 6 inch wide frame along the top of the bed, this makes it look nicer but also makes it much more comfortable to kneel or sit on the edge of the garden bed. Once they were complete, we filled them with about 6 wheelbarrow loads each of professional veggie mix and compost from Soil Building Systems. Bed 1 is planted with Hill Country Okra, Eggplant, Tomatillos, squash and swiss chard. Bed 2 has two transplanted tomato plants (they were about 3 feet high when I moved them, much to big to transplant well, but they are surviving and setting more fruit, they just look awful) and 7 pepper plants. The fence garden is packed full of just about everything else I have bought or hauled in from the old garden. 14 fruit trees, squash, kale, swiss chard, sage, basil (most eaten by bugs so far), asparagus, jeurasalem artichokes, real artichokes, hyacinth bean, luffa gourds, mint. The picture below is before the compost and mulch were added to along the fence. The garden at the old house is doing amazingly well. The last 10 years of working on the soil has clearly paid off. We have been harvesting: kales, mustard greens, herbs, and about a quart of green beans. The tomatoes are still growing, but not showing any signs of ripening yet. May 26th we got a load of acid lovers compost mix from SBS and planted a blueberry bush and a grape vine as well as 2 lantana, and 2 bulbine (in the front yard, near the mimosa tree). We are learning that we have way more shade in this yard than we expected. Great for keeping things cool, but poses some interesting gardening challenges.

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